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At Illustrated Faith, we offer transformative, creative, and dynamic resources to ignite a passion for exploring God’s word among a community of believers and seekers.


 Illustrated Faith in Action

We always tell people to start simple but if you are ready to take the leap and pick up a few supplies that inspire you allow us to point you in the right direction!

Journaling Bible
This leather ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, with ruled lines in the 2-inch wide margins, allows you to capture notes, prayers, and personal reflections.
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Genesis Collection
We designed the whole Genesis Collection, with its polka-dot lining and easy close zipper, for you to consolidate all your favorite Illustrated Faith supplies!
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Illustrated Faith Stamps
We offer sets that will not only be fun for kids to use but also perfect for the kid at heart!
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Start with the Basics

Your favorite crafting essentials, available in a rainbow of colors.


Meet our amazing Creative Team crafting beautiful and inspiring content just for you!

Who is Illustrated Faith?

Shanna Noel

Welcome to Illustrated Faith! My name is Shanna Noel. When I discovered paper scrapbooking I fell in love with the whole process but it wasn’t until I started using my journaling bible that I really felt the meaning behind what I was creating. I am so glad that I listened to the whisper that God put on my heart to share with you all, because from the moment I shared that first post, it turned the light bulb on for so many women…

YES!!! It’s okay to use the gifts God has given you to glorify HIM!


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